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ComicHub Customer App and Customer Website

A Retail Information Flow Solution

Place orders with your local comics shop,keep

up to date with your favorite creators and

catalog your collection automatically

Support your Local Comic Shop!

Stay in sync with your orders and purchase history at your LCS at all times.

Latest Feature

Login to your web account and click ‘Next Week’ from the top menu. Requires your LCS to have loaded the "Coming Soon" section of their website. Click ‘View Detail’ to review the details and explore the art. Click ‘Contact Store’ to update an existing order status.



Create Playlists on your web account for use on all devices

Playlist - Mobile Application
Playlist - Website

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How To

The videos here are to help you navigate the menus of the ComicHub Customer tools. As the orders you place are stored on your Local Comic Shop’s PC, these videos will ensure you and your local comic shop remain in sync.
Getting Started
Updating Your Profile
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Creating Playlists
Creating Orders
Paying for Items Aside
Order History
Check your orders for the next week

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